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Daman is known for its picturesque coastal beauty, offering tourists the opportunity to enjoy multiple sightseeing spots during their vacation here. Checking out the numerous tourist attractions is also a great way for tourists to enjoy their vacation.

Summers in Daman start from the month of March and go on till the month of May, with the intense heat making going outside most uncomfortable for a large number of tourists despite this city's proximity to a major water body like the Arabian Sea. Due to this, the combination of humidity and heat which envelops the city might just become a little too much for many tourists to stand. The monsoons season starts in June and goes on to the month of October and its relentless intensity will play a major role in denying tourists their plans for going outside for their sightseeing and travelling requirements, therefore tourist visits across these months are not recommended. The winter season in this city starts from the month of November up to the month of February and is among the best time for tourists to come and visit this city. Tourists can indulge in all the various tourist activities which a popular tourist destination like Daman has to offer all the tourists who come here every year.


October to March - Daman’s winters start in the month of October up till March giving this city a delightfully cool ambience which tourists are sure to enjoy as they take part in the outdoor activities they had planned on.


March to May -Daman’s summer season starts in March and goes on till May. Tourists are advised to carry protective clothing against the combination of heat and humidity which sweeps across this region.


June to October -The monsoons of Daman begin in the month of June and then proceed to drench the region till October, which also means that tourists with plans of going outdoors will not be able to.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The month of January brings a mildly cold weather to this region with it. The day time temperature is rather pleasing but the nights are known to get a little cold. This month is extremely popular among tourists and for good reason since they can go and visit Daman’s beaches and also indulge in tourist activities like Sightseeing, water sports and also bird watching. Tourists are advised to carry some warm clothing for this month.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The days in February are famous for sunny skies and pleasant weather but the night time temperatures tend to drop down. It is a great time for tourists to not only enjoy activities at the beach along with sightseeing and church visits but also numerous water sports including parasailing, snorkeling, and jet – skiing.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The summer season of Daman starts in March, with the high day time temperatures leaving tourists hot and bothered during the day time. However, the night time temperature is sure to relax them, making this month most favorable for tourists who are looking forward to activities on the beach including swimming in the Arabian Sea, long walks and also, for the adventurous tourists, water sports.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The mercury continues to rise throughout the month of April, making visiting Daman in this month suitable only for those tourists who are confident they can stand the bright and sunny skies which make day time temperatures most uncomfortable. There are cool breezes blowing in the evenings which lower night time temperatures across the city and its surrounding regions as well.
May Hot
The hottest month which the city of Daman experiences is sure to deter tourists since the bright sunlight can seem a tad overpowering. This month however, offers excellent off season discount to the tourist travelling on a budget since there is a minimal amount of incoming tourist traffic through this month. Night time temperatures are still pleasant thanks to breezes from the sea.
June Rainy
The rainy season comes to this city, with the heat and the humidity coming together to make this time most uncomfortable, especially for those tourists who wanted to go out and see all the city’s sightseeing landmarks during the day time. The monsoon showers of Daman begin to increase in frequency as the end of the month approaches.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The monsoons are at their peak in this month, with almost incessant rain pelting the city of Daman as well as the areas which lie around it. The day time temperature does take a minor dip as the sky gets covered with clouds, but tourists who want to go out will be hard pressed to do so since this is the peak of the off – season.
August Rainy
The rainfall continues through this month, only slightly lightening in intensity. It is still however, more than enough to delay plans made by visitors for going out. The incessant rain means that there will not be a lot of tourists in this city in this month too, so those tourists who are travelling on a strict budget can get great discounts on accommodation across the city.
September Rainy
This month sees the monsoon season begin to depart from the city, giving tourists who want to go outside some very welcome respite from the constant rain. The post monsoon beauty of this region is something which is very popular, as cool breezes sweep throughout the region and the blossoming natural beauty gives visiting tourists the chance to check out the natural beauty of this city.
October Pleasant
There is a great amount of natural beauty to be enjoyed in this post monsoon month in the city of Daman with azure blue skies framing picturesque natural vistas that are sure to please. Tourists can take part in tourist activities like sightseeing across Daman’s many landmarks with little to no interruption as well as activities like going to the beach and taking part in water - sports.
November Pleasant
This month experiences a great surge in the number of tourists who travel to the city of Daman so that they can have the best time of their vacation. Those tourists should not be worried about rain fall delaying their plans since there are cool breezes which sweep across the region. Water sports and other activities are also available for tourists to enjoy.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather drops to a cool and comfortable level as more tourists come to the city of Daman to enjoy the blue skies and chilly breeze during the day. In the evening the temperature takes a further dip, making it advisable for tourists to carry some warm, woolen clothing with them. This month is definitely a great time to visit this city and enjoy a vacation.

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