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Humidity 88% Wind 6 kph (Direction: SE)

Boasting of rich history, Cuttack is an alluring city in Orissa state. The best months to visit Cuttack are from September to March, as it is the perfect time to indulge in outdoor sports and sightseeing.


December to February- The days are cool and comfortable, while the nights are chilly. The mercury takes a dip and touches 15°C. The soothing cool northern winds blow across the entire region, making it the most preferred time to visit Cuttack.


March to May- The temperature remains around or more than 40°C. Tourists visiting Cuttack during summer season usually prefer to spend their daytime playing indoor games or other such activities. Evenings are perfect for taking walks or outdoor explorations.


June to August- Monsoon season is soothing and provides great relief from the scorching hot sun of summer season. Southwest monsoon is experienced in this region and the rainfall is moderate. The temperature remains around 33°C.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The weather is pleasant in the month of January. Days are comfortable with abundant sunshine while nights are relatively cool. The region is often preoccupied by cooling breeze. Offering comfortable climatic conditions, the city serves an ideal destination for indulging in outdoor activities, exploring the place, enjoying pilgrimage and visiting Wildlife Sanctuary, making this month appropriate for tourism. Light warm apparels are suitable for this period.
February Pleasant
With temperature within the range of comfortable hot zone, February offers pleasant climate with bright sunny days and mild nights. Atmosphere is favorable for pilgrimage and enjoying other outdoor ventures. One can travel across the city and explore attractions that are of great significance to this vibrant city. Besides this, the Shiva Ratri Festival celebrated here with immense joy and enthusiasm is also enjoyable.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The month of March, showcasing clear blue skies and plenty of sunshine experiences slight increase in temperature. Days are balmy while nights are pretty pleasant. The weather still favors tourist activities and outings. Pilgrims can visit numerous temples to pay homage to God. Tourists can indulge in exciting outdoor activities and sightseeing affairs. The kite flying festival held here during this month is worth enjoying.
April Very hot
Very hot
Hot and humid weather is offered by the month of April. Mercury becomes unbearable after rising above the liking of tourists. Scorching sun dominating the region makes it difficult to step out and indulge in open-air adventures. City excursions and other outdoor activities are also hard to enjoy. This period is not recommended for tourism. However, those travelling here can enjoy Ramanavmi Festival.
May Very hot
Very hot
Summer season is at its peak during this hottest month of the year. The climate is extremely warm and uncomfortable, adversely affecting life of local residents and travelers. Hot dry waves coupled with scorching sun cause inconvenience in travelling out, interrupting tourists from enjoying their trip. This period is not appropriate for holidaying. However, those immune to heat can still enjoy their visit here.
June Rainy
Monsoon sets in June, but the climate remains hot. Initial days of the month are accompanied by plentiful sunshine. However, downpours occur from the mid of this month, providing relief from blistering heat. Humid conditions mark their presence in atmosphere, causing annoyance to tourists. Outdoor journeys are restricted due to humidity and frequent rains. It is not one of the best months for travelling to this city.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Actual monsoon begins from this month, offering sufficient rainfall to the area. Thunderstorms are common. Most of the days are accompanied by cloudy skies and heavy rain falls. The weather becomes sultry because of the existence of humidity in atmosphere. Tourist activities and other outdoor affairs are obstructed. But, those who love outings in rain can enjoy their trip. Hotel owners also offer discounts due to off-season.
August Rainy
August is considered as the wettest month of the year. The region receives heavy rainfall, often accompanied by lightning and thunderstorms. While on one side temperature falls back within the comfortable hot zone, humidity increases and is major inconvenience to vacationers. This period is not suitable for day outs and tourist activities since recurrent rainfall interrupts holidaymakers from venturing out. It is better to avoid travelling here during this month.
September Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Monsoon weakens from this month and completely stops by its end. Clouds covering the region bring intermittent showers, which are not much annoyance to visitors. Weather becomes comfortably hot and favors outdoor activities. It is one of the ideal periods to explore natural vista as gratifying monsoon showers enhance the panorama of the place. Carrying rain gears is advised when venturing out.
October Pleasant
Climate becomes pleasant during the month of October. Balmy days are followed by comfortable nights. Sunshine coupled with cooling breeze maintain soothing ambiance, perfect for engaging in outdoor activities and sightseeing. One can travel in and around the place without any hassle and explore nearby attractions. It is certainly one of the best months to visit delightful city of Cuttack.
November Pleasant
The city offers pleasant weather to its visitors in November. Hours of daylight proffer gratifying ambiance while nights are mild. Weather remains pleasurable throughout, rendering great opportunity to take pleasure in city excursions and outdoor tourist activities. It is one of the ideal months to take up tour packages and capture the true essence of the place. Popular fair of Bali Yatra celebrated in this month is also enjoyable.
December Pleasant
December welcomes mild winters. Nights are relatively cooler than days. The sky is usually clear and sun shines through. Gentle winds preoccupy the region, maintaining coolness in the atmosphere. Comfortable weather is favorable for exploring grandeur and charm of the city. Outdoor adventures and other open-air tourist activities are also enjoyable, making it a preferred period for tourism. Light warm clothes are suitable for nights.

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