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The Corbett National Park remains open all around the year for the visitors but the best time for visiting is from the month of November till the month of June. During this time a visit to the entire park area can be carried out easily.

The best time for planning a visit to Corbett National Park is from the month of November till the month of June, although the park remains open throughout the year. During this time, every single location through the park can be visited easily and it is safe to travel across the park. Rain lovers can choose the monsoon season to enjoy the beauty of this national park. Monsoon showers increases the beauty of the region making it more appealing. The Bengal tigers can be easily spotted in the rainfalls therefore making it as an ideal time. During the summer season, different species of birds and animals can be sighted because they come out of their closures to cool themselves off in the water hole. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to experience a hassle free journey.


October to February- Winter season marks an ideal time for sighting different birds and tigers that are present in the park. As the weather remains pleasant during this time therefore visitors can enjoy a trip to this park.


March to June- The best time for planning a trip by the animal lovers is during the summer season as different animals can be easily sighted roaming around freely in the jungle.


July to September- Rain lovers can plan their vacation during this season to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. With the monsoon showers lashing the region, the park looks very fascinating.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
This is the coldest month of the year with the temperature experiencing a dip till sub zero level. Tourists can plan their visit in this month to enjoy a visit to the Corbett Museum. Heritage bungalow of the famous environmentalist Jim Corbett has been changed into this museum. This place show cases the personal belongings, rare photographs and antiques of the owner.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
Weather in the month of February remains cold. This month is not preferred for indulging in outdoor activities, therefore a visit to the famous Garjia temple can be planned in this month. Large numbers of devotees throng this temple to seek the blessings of goddess Parvati. On the day of Kartik Poornima, large fair is held in this temple.
March Cold
Onset of summer season is marked with the beginning of the month of March. Rise in the temperature is observed which makes the weather comfortable for enjoying different activities. The elephant safari being one of the major attractions can be enjoyed during this month. This safari can be enjoyed during the early mornings or late in the afternoon.
April Pleasant
A visit to Dhikala which is regarded as the most famous destination in Corbett National Park can be planned in this month. Beautiful and amazing view of the valley can be enjoyed from this destination. Animal lovers can plan a trip to the jungle safari in the pleasant weather that the month of April has to offer. Different species of animals can be encountered during the safari.
May Pleasant
The splendid landscape of Corbett offers lot of adventure activities. Tourists can indulge in mountain biking, trekking and other activities to feel the adrenaline rush. Instructors are always available to help the tourists with these activities. Visitors can also explore small towns and deep woods that lie in the vicinity. Tourists can also spot migratory birds around this time.
June Pleasant
Pre monsoon showers which increase the beauty of local flora are experienced in this month. Elephants and Bengal tigers can be easily spotted during this time. A decrease in the tourist rush is observed around this time therefore people who are planning to spend some precious moments with their loved ones in the natural surrounding can plan their trip in the month of June.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Month of July brings along with it the monsoon season. Heavy showers are a feature of the season. This is an ideal time for visiting Kalagarh Dam which is located on the south west side of the park. Bird lovers can enjoy watching birds from this place. Amidst the lush green plantation, beauty of the park can be enjoyed.
August Rainy
This park is famous for its fauna and flora that constitute its wealth. Wild life enthusiasts can plan their trip in this month to experience the wild animals and birds in their habitat. Due to the presence of rains, weather remains pleasant. Watching the Corbett Fall in this month is a marvelous sight as the fall is full of water and is surrounded by dense forest.
September Rainy
Occasional showers are observed in the month of September with the weather remaining pleasant. Use of rain gear is important when travelling during this time because the sky remains covered with clouds for most part of the day. Tiger sighting can be enjoyed in this month as they roam freely in the park.
October Pleasant
Month of October marks the beginning of winter season. A dip in the temperature is observed which makes it a preferred time for planning the vacation. Beautiful flora of the region can be experienced with the flowering trees lending a beautiful color to the park. Different types of shrubs dominate the park and make it look exquisite.
November Pleasant
This month marks the beginning of the tourist season with large number of visitors planning their trip in this month. Weather during the day remain pleasant but is followed by cool nights. Cool breeze blows throughout the day which makes the use of woolen clothes a necessity. Different tourist activities can be enjoyed in this month.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The month of December experiences very cold days followed by equally cold nights. Foggy conditions can affect days of this month. With the sun shining in the sky, weather becomes clear and warm. This is an ideal time for going on wildlife safaris and for getting engage in different tourists activities. Carrying of warm clothes is necessary in this month.

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