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Humidity 89% Wind 0 kph (Direction: SSE)

Chennai lies adjacent to the equator and in the tropical zone of climate because of which the weather stays hot for most of the year. It experiences seasonal change with the advent and change of every season.

Weather in Chennai is very hot and humid for most of the year, so the best time to visit the historic capital of Tamil Nadu is winters. The months from November to February are the best as the average temperature is within comfort levels and offers a perfect environment to visit Chennai. Tourists from the entire nation visit this place especially during December and January so as to enjoy various festivals and activities. Also for those who do not enjoy the crowd have the option to travel across the city in the month of October, November, February and March and still be able to enjoy your vacations with a pleasant climate. As the summers are very hot and humid you must avoid any plans in the city during March to May and being an off season it will not be much fun as well.


Winters –October –February –winters are comfortable and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. This is an ideal time to enjoy this beautiful city’s exquisiteness, with pristine coral reefs, quaint culture, exotic food and picturesque islands, in its prime.


Summers – March – June –summers in Chennai are hot and humid with temperature being around 42°C but the cool seal breeze provides a slight respite from the heat and makes it easy for tourists to move around.


Monsoon –July–September– monsoons hit the city in the month of July with mild to heavy winds and rains. For nature enthusiasts this city is a delight to watch. Make sure you carry your rain gears to avoid sudden rainfall.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
This month offers a cheerful ambiance as it is one the coldest month. This is a good time to explore the attractions of the city and its outskirts. You can even plan for beach activities like swimming, volleyball and catamaran rides. For couples this can be the best place to spend their ideal time walking on beach, going out for outdoor visits and visiting church.
February Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
February is the month with comfortable weather. This month is completely an ideal package itself as it offers warm days with relaxing nights. You can enjoy outings on beach; even opt for sightseeing and the local tourist activities and all this at a very feasible cost.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With March the summers are all on set. Weather becomes hot and the climate is very humid which makes it difficult to travel. Sometimes you can expect thunderstorms which may make the climatic condition even worse. You are recommended to carry your sun protection stuff so as to explore the city in a safer manner.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
April is one the hottest month in Chennai. When the level of humidity in the atmosphere is at its peak, in evening you can enjoy the cool breeze which can offer some relief in this tiring hot weather. This month is not suitable for outdoor activities. Cotton clothes and sunscreens are preferable while travelling.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May has summer at its peak. With bright sunny days and humid climate, the days are extremely hot and nights are tiring as well. This month is not suitable for planning any trip to this place because the scorching sunrays make the atmosphere unbearable to travel within the city. Make sure you use all the sun protection stuff.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
With the beginning of this month the days are very hot and atmosphere is unpleasantly humid. The mid of the month you may expect monsoon with intermittent rain which again increase the level of humidity. Thus it is not an ideal time to go out for any trip as this would not be of any benefit to you.
Month Climate Details
July Very Hot
Very Hot
July has occasional monsoon showers which make the climate very humid and more difficult to with stand. As well the temperature outside is so troublesome that you cannot even think of planning any outdoor plans. Make sure you carry your cotton clothes and sun protective gears with you.
August Rainy
August because of the southwest occasional shower drops the temperature to a certain level still you can feel humidity in the environment. This may not be a good time to go out but rain lovers can still enjoy their visits in this month.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
In this month the tourists are not very privileged and sometimes heavy rainfall is expected. As the monsoon last till the end of this month you can experience the cool breeze which makes your evening much better. You can visit the city during this month though not very preferable for tourist activities.
October Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With this month you can feel the temperature becoming comfortable as the southeastern coastal city is highly affected by north east monsoon, which starts appearing in the last week of this month. Most of the time the sky remains clear and cloudless and there is decrease in the level of humidity. This may not be the best time but you can plan outdoor activities.
November Rainy
November starts with monsoon shower hits from the north east monsoon, though the temperature drops down to a certain level the humidity sticks to the same level. The time is enjoyable for outdoor activities like planning for beach activities also this can be a plus for rain lovers. It is instructed that to be aware of the cyclones and depressions which may occur often this month.
December Pleasant
December is the last month of the year which offers comfort with pleasant climatic conditions. Cool breeze and lovely atmosphere invite many travelers to the city. It is the perfect time for sightseeing and indulging yourself in beach activities with your beloved.

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