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Summers in Chandigarh are from March to May and can be extremely unpleasant for many tourists since although the city’s location in the North of India makes the difference in weather rather extreme as compared to the other regions of the country. Most tourists, especially those who are coming from colder regions however prefer not to visit during these months since the heat can become quite unbearable for them. The monsoon season extends from the month of June to the month of August. At the start of the season, the weather is generally extremely hot which then gives way to the incoming monsoon clouds which then persist to drench the city in a downpour that lasts for a little over a month. However, the Indian monsoon season is renowned for its intensity, so tourist activities at this time might be extremely limited in scope. From September, the fall season begins in Chandigarh as the cities greenery gives way to a warming orange hue which makes it extremely popular among tourists as w


Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
The month of January is one of the coldest and foggiest in Chandigarh, many times with the mercury dipping dangerously close to zero. Therefore, visiting Chandigarh during this month is only recommended for those tourists who are comfortable in near zero temperatures, especially during early mornings / late nights. Carrying adequate clothing is highly recommended, especially for children.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
This month is also rather cold, but the fog does start dissipating during the day, leaving clear blue skies behind. There is plenty of sunshine but it is mostly weak in intensity. Carrying light woolens is recommended during this weather. Those tourists who want to go and enjoy a bit of sightseeing can certainly do so in this month. The nights are still chilly, so woolens are recommended for tourists.
March Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This is among the best months to visit the city if not the best. In March, tourists coming to Chandigarh are greeted with warm days, clear blue skies and the City Beautiful coming into full bloom. The nights are still a bit chilly, but this month is more or less the beginning of the transition to the summers. The days keep getting progressively warmer towards the end of the month.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
It is in this month that the temperature begins heating up as is typical in this region. The days are rather warm and sunny, making sunscreen important for tourists who decide to brave the rising temperature and get some sightseeing done before the sun really decides to get cooking.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Chandigarh is known for its extremely hot summers. The daytime temperature can easily exceed the threshold for heat many tourists claim to have. Therefore, it is advised to stay indoors in the day if you are visiting this region in this month. A strong sunscreen is a must for those going out even for a while. The nights are also warm and many tourists might require (easily available) accommodation with air conditioning.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
This is the month wherein the monsoons start making their presence felt as the summers reach their peak. The ever rising humidity leads to days feeling hotter than they are, becoming rather unpleasant for those tourists hailing from colder places and who want to go out in the day and check out the city’s landmarks. Throughout the month, monsoon showers start increasing in frequency approaches.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The monsoon rain begins to lash the city with a great deal of intensity in this month. The temperature does begin to stop thanks to the rain but it also makes travelling outdoors possible only if you have your own vehicle at your disposal. Certain sections of the city or the nearby regions might experience temporary flooding, hampering any sightseeing efforts at this time.
August Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The rain begins to slow down during this month, causing the City Beautiful to look even more amazing than before. The unpredictability of the showers means that plans for sightseeing should be put on hold. Those tourists who love the monsoons should check out the city in this month.
September Pleasant
The temperature in this month is warm during the day. The nights however, are far more pleasant, with breezes lowering the temperature effectively. It is in this month that the monsoon season starts to abate, making sightseeing a lot easier.
October Pleasant
In this month, Chandigarh begins transitioning through fall and onto winter. The mercury begins dropping as the month progresses, making it the ideal time for tourists to come and check out the myriad attractions this city has to offer them.
November Pleasant
The winter chill begins to set in as the mercury continues dropping. Tourists are advised to carry light woolen clothing as they embark on the numerous sightseeing trips during the cool days and the chilly nights.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month brings with itself the icy nip of winters, so tourists coming here should carry heavy woolen clothing. Sightseeing and honeymoon vacations are the two primary reasons for the sizeable tourist influx during this month.

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