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A fascinating city located in the royal state of Rajasthan, Bikaner experiences extreme climate during summer and winter seasons. October to March is ideally the best time for planning a trip to Bikaner.

If you are planning to visit Bikaner for your next holiday then the time between the months of October and March is ideal. The weather during this period is quite pleasant and makes it very comfortable to travel around the city, exploring its various tourist attractions and sightseeing spots. Summer season starts from March and continues till June. In this season the temperature can rise a lot and even reach up to 42°C. It is better to avoid visiting Bikaner during this season as the days can get unbearably hot, even leading to problems like sunstroke. Another good time to visit Bikaner is when the monsoon season arrives in the month of July and stays till November. However many people find the humidity present in the atmosphere during this time quite uncomfortable. Still you can have a good time by planning short trips and visiting the nearby attractions which become more beautiful and appealing with light showers.


December to February – Chilly weather dominates the winter season, with temperature dipping down to 4°C. This much awaited season is perfect for sightseeing and tourist activities in Bikaner, as the weather during day time is pleasant and cool.


March to June – Extremely hot days and equally hot nights are witnessed during summer season in Bikaner. The sweltering desert winds heat up the weather even more, as the temperature rises up to 42°C at times.


July to November – Moderate rainfall during monsoon season provides the much needed relief from sultry summer season. Increasing humidity levels can, however, make it inconvenient to go for sightseeing or enjoy other outdoor activities. 

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Fairly cold temperature is experienced in Bikaner during winter season and January is considered to be the coldest month. People prefer to visit this place during this time as it is considered good for spending time outdoors. The famous Bikaner festival is also celebrated in the month of January, thus making this month ideal for visiting Bikaner and enjoying an unforgettable trip.
February Pleasant
The mildly cold weather of February makes it a good time for planning a trip to Bikaner. A large inflow of tourists is witnessed in the month of February, as the days are quite pleasant and comfortable for travelling. You can plan leisure trips with your family, go for sightseeing, as well as enjoy several tourist activities that Bikaner is famous for.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
As the winter season ends, a slight rise in the temperature can be seen in the month of March. However, the days are not very hot and it is still considered as a good time for coming to Bikaner. A lot of people plan their trips during this time as they find the climate favorable for exploring this city and visiting its famous attractions.
April Hot
The summer season actually starts in the month of April, when the temperature gets very hot. The hot weather this place experiences is primarily because of the location of Bikaner which is in the center of the Thar Desert. This is not considered to be a favorable time for planning a visit to Bikaner, as travelling can become quite inconvenient.
May Extremely Hot
Extremely Hot
In the month of May the temperature really starts to soar and can get beyond the comfort zone of many. Visiting Bikaner during this month is not a good idea and it is better to plan a trip in the last months. Especially in the day time, when the sun reaches its peak, the weather can get very hot and become unbearable.
June Extremely Hot
Extremely Hot
The same hot and unbearable climate continues in the month of June as well, as the temperature starts to rise further. It is not suggested to plan any outdoor activity or sightseeing trip during this time. For tourists it is not a well suited time for planning a visit to this place, as the extreme climate can make it difficult to travel comfortably.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Offering a much needed respite from hot weather, the month of July brings along the monsoon season. This month is also the wettest, as the average rainfall can at times rise above 120mm as well. Although the rainy season starts in July but it is still not a very good time for visiting Bikaner, as the weather is quite hot.
August Hot
The temperature in August remains quite hot and the amount of rainfall this place receives in this month is very less. It is suggested to not plan any tourist activities or trips to Bikaner during this month. As not many people prefer to visit Bikaner at this time, thus the rates of hotels and tour packages also drop a lot.
September Hot
September also witnesses hot climate and it is not considered to be a good time for planning outdoor activities. Although it is not a very favorable time for tourism, still some people find it convenient to travel during this time. For those who are planning to visit Bikaner in September carrying protective gears is suggested for staying safe from sun.
October Moderately hot
Moderately hot
With the coming of October month, the temperature also starts to become somewhat bearable. As compared to the earlier months, the month of October is more preferred by travelers to come to Bikaner. You can plan a trip during this time and enjoy sightseeing trips, as well as outings and other tourist activities with your family and friends in the pleasant weather.
November Pleasant
The month of November is among the best months for visiting Bikaner, as the temperature during this period is quite pleasant and mild. Travelers come to Bikaner in huge numbers and like to indulge in various tourist activities. Even hotels start to offer attractive deals and packages to attract the tourists. You can avail some great offers if you visit Bikaner in this season.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
December is also among the best months for travelling to Bikaner and enjoying a memorable trip with your loved ones. Beautiful sunshine adds warmth to the otherwise chilly days and makes it an ideal time for spending with your family and friends in the outdoors. Make sure to carry warm clothes as the temperature can get quite cold at night.

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