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Bhopal, the city of lakes, is located in North West region of Madhya Pradesh state and is visited by innumerable tourists especially during winter season. The climate in this region remains moderate and does not fluctuate much.

Bhopal is one of the most prominent cities of India and it is visited by innumerable tourist all around the year. However, the best time to plan a visit to Bhopal is during the months of November and February. The winter season is considered ideal for visiting its various sightseeing places as well as enjoying outdoor activities. The summer season starts from March and continues till June and the temperature rises quite a bit during this time. The days can become very dry and hot. From the months of June to October is the rainy season in Bhopal. This region experiences moderate rainfall. It is during this time that the beauty of this region is clearly visible, offering the tourists many delightful views that they can enjoy.


November to February – Temperature of Bhopal can dip down to 6°C during winters. Besides the chill in the air, humid and misty weather is experienced in this region, due to the occasional showers that occur during these months.


March to June – Hot temperature, reaching up to 47°C at times, makes it a less preferred time for visiting Bhopal. That is why not much tourist activity is witnessed in this region during these months.


July to October – Moderate rains occurring in monsoon season make the weather quite pleasant for enjoying the natural beauty of this region. However, an increase in humidity levels is also seen during this time.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Cold
The climate of Bhopal is quite cold during the month of January. While the days can seem pleasant due to some sunshine, the nights can become quite cold, along with fog. January is considered to be among the most preferred months for visiting Bhopal. You can take along warm clothes to enjoy this season.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The temperature remains mildly cold during February as well. The days experience adequate amount of mild sunshine which makes the days perfect for enjoying outdoor activities. The pleasant climate experienced during this month makes it a perfect time to visit numerous attractions that this place has to offer.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
As the month of March approaches slight rise in temperature is also experienced. However days are still comfortable, with clear skies and adequate amount of sunshine. The moderately hot temperature in the month of March makes it ideal for spending your time partaking in plenty of tourist activities as well as visiting nearby attractions.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
April is the month when summer season is its peak. Days can be dry and sunny, while the nights can also be equally hot. Not many people prefer to travel to Bhopal during this season as the heat during day time can prove to be quite uncomfortable for them to bear.
May Extremely hot
Extremely hot
The dame dry and hot climate continues in the month of May as well. This is among the hottest and driest months. The heat can become really unbearable at times, forcing people to stay indoors to avoid facing such hot season, as well as stay safe from the problem of sunstroke that is quite prevalent during those days.
June Hot
Although the weather is still hot, but the monsoon season starts to set in during the later part of this month, providing a much needed relief to people from the summer season. However, this time cannot be considered the best for planning a trip to Bhopal, as not many people find this weather comfortable for traveling.
Month Climate Details
July Hot
Bhopal experiences maximum rainfall during the month of July. While the temperature goes down quite a bit and the climate starts to become more pleasant, still the level of humidity is quite high. This is again not a very good season for visiting Bhopal as you might not enjoy traveling in this weather.
August Pleasant
Rainy season continues in the month of August as well. Pleasant temperature is accompanied by high level of humidity. The rains can become quite heavy, leading to thunderstorms and at times flood as well. Ideally it is not a very good time for planning a trip to Bhopal as continuous rain and thunderstorm can hamper your plans.
September Pleasant
The month of September experiences frequent rainfalls. The weather in this month as well can be quite pleasant, attracting a lot of tourist from near and far, still many people like to avoid planning a trip to Bhopal in this season. This is because of the high humidity levels.
October Pleasant
The frequency of rainfalls becomes quite less, making it a good time for tourist activities. People start visiting Bhopal in this season. You can enjoy the pleasant climate which is made more beautiful with slight drizzles. The beauty of the wonderful tourist sights in Bhopal is certainly at its peak during this season.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The temperature starts to get mildly cold during this time. Days are quite pleasant due to the presence of sunshine. This is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities and spend time with your loved ones while visiting the most prominent tourist destinations present in and around Bhopal.
December Cold
December is a very cold month, during which the nights are extremely cold and even days can become very chilly. However, it is also a great time for visiting various sightseeing attractions. It is recommended to carry along warm clothes to beat the chill and keep enjoying your trip uninterrupted.

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