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The city of Bharatpur welcomes all the avid bird lovers. The location of this city is such that it can be easily accessed by anyone. Best time to visit this city is from the month of October to march.

The best time for carrying out different outdoor activities such as sightseeing or photography is from the month of October till the month of March. During this time maximum number of migratory birds can be seen in the city. Weather remains hot and humid during the summer season, therefore this season witness less rush of tourists. Budget travelers can plan their trip in this season as resorts offer different types of discounts to attract tourists. Monsoon season offers mild rainfall that helps in enhancing the beauty of the city. Lush greenery of Bharatpur can be experienced in these months and this is regarded as the best time for making a visit by rain lovers. Therefore before planning a visit to Bharatpur, choose the season that you like the most and pack your bags to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. Bird lovers can plan their visit in any season to enjoy watching these feather creatures.


December to February- The months that fall in the winter season experiences pleasant weather with the minimum temperature experiencing a dip till 7°C and the maximum temperature remaining 29°C.


March to June- Bharatpur experiences hot summers with the temperature soaring up to 45°C. Sightseeing cannot be enjoyed in these months but various indoor activities can still be carried out.


July to September- Dip in the temperature is seen with the coming of monsoon season. Rise in the atmospheric humidity is also observed with the humidity level being 70%. Rain lovers can plan their trip during this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Month of January experiences moderately cold weather with the maximum temperature during the day time remaining 20°C. Days are generally affected by foggy conditions during this month. The best of Bharatpur can be explored around this time. This is the ideal time for planning a visit by those people who love being outdoors.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
An increase in the temperature is observed with the starting of the month of February which marks the end of winter season. Weather remains comfortably cold and different tourist attractions can be visited. The famous Brij festival whose celebrations stretch over a period of 3 days is celebrated with huge pomp and show in this month with the performance of raslila being the centre of interest.
March Pleasant
The month of March brings along with it pleasant weather. March witnesses huge rush of tourists, with different festive celebrations being at its peak. The festival of Gangaur is celebrated in this month. These celebrations are carried out by women for well being of their husbands. Goddess Gauri is worshiped by the devotees with zeal.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Hot weather is experienced in the month of April and different outdoor activities are not preferred by the tourists. Rich heritage of the city can be explored by the people who have interest in ancient civilization. Places worth visiting for the art lovers are the museum and the Bharatpur Palace. Visiting them would be a delight for tourists.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Summer season is at its peak during this month therefore an artificial lake that is situated in the Bharatpur National Park can offer relief to the tourists from the scorching heat. Visitors can enjoy themselves and indulge in boating at the lake. Bird lovers can observe varied birdlife of the city here.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
A visit to Deeg, a city that is located in Bharatpur would be a good idea in this month. This city houses mesmerizing palaces, a busy market and beautiful gardens. The Deeg Fort is constructed very elegantly. Visiting this city would be a pleasurable experience for the people who have interest in knowing the history of a place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Onset of monsoons is marked with the beginning of this month. Bharatpur experiences mild rainfall which is followed by strong winds. A rise in the humidity level in the atmosphere is seen during this month. Sky remains clouded for most part of the day. Rain lovers can plan their trip during this month to experience the charm of the city.
August Rainy
Occasional rainfall is a feature of the month of August. With the lush greenery all around, Bharatpur looks magnificent. Rains come as a respite from the hot weather. Tourists should visit Bharatpur in this month to enjoy the festival of Teej that is celebrated by decorating swings with flowers and then enjoying the swing ride. Girls get together to mark the celebrations of this festival by singing songs.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Visitors can enjoy their visit to the Bird Sanctuary that is situated in Bharatpur to watch and observe more than 350 species that are present there. This Sanctuary also houses some of the rarest and endangered species of birds. Weather during the month of September remains moderately hot making it a preferred time for planning trip to different places that lie in the vicinity.
October Pleasant
With the decrease in temperature, the weather starts becoming pleasant. Dusshera festival is celebrated in this month with fervor. Local residents organize Jaswant Exhibition which attracts a large number of tourists. Visitors can buy different things from this exhibition for which the city of Bharatpur is famous. With the climate remaining comfortably cold, different indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this month.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the beginning of the month of November, onset of winter season is marked. Weather during the day remains pleasant with the nights being quite cold. Tourists prefer warm woolen clothes in this month to enjoy their trip to the maximum. Visitors can indulge in shopping of textile or jewelry that can be purchased at reasonable price.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month marks the beginning of the tourist season. Weather in the month of December remains pleasant and the minimum temperature can reach as low as 5°C. Resorts and hotels organize different outdoor activities for the tourists. A visit to different sightseeing spots and indulgence in different kind of outdoor activities can be planned during this time.

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