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Located in Nilgiri Mountain range, Bellikkal is a small village of Tamil Nadu, offering magnificent views of attractive scenery and fascinating beauty. This tourist destination is surrounded by dense forests and rivers, where plenty of different birds and


December to February- The city experiences pleasant weather in winters with temperature ranging between 20°C to 33°C. It is breezy throughout the day, providing a refreshing feeling to the tourists. It is one of the best times to explore the city.


March to May- The weather during these months is moderate, allowing the tourists to enjoy many activities. The popular Bison Valley and Kalhatti Falls can be explored during these months.


June to September- Heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms contribute in making the weather mildly cool. The sceneries of Bellikkal look even more beautiful and attractive after the rains. It is one of the preferred times for most of the tourists to visit Bellikkal. 

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold
Very cold
Winter season grips the town in the month of January. Mildly cold days are accompanied by chilly nights. Apart from being an ideal time for romantic escapes, the pleasant ambience offered by this month makes it one of the perfect times for sightseeing and outdoor expeditions. Visits to National Park and nearby villages are also enjoyable. Carrying woolens is advised when travelling to this tranquil town.
February Very cold
Very cold
Cold weather conditions allure the tourists with their charm. Skies remain clear for most of the days, imparting beautiful sunshine and making the climate favorable for sightseeing and indulging in adventurous outdoor activities, like mountain biking, trekking and camping. A visit to Wildlife Sanctuary is also highly enjoyable in this month. Offering soothing atmosphere, the month of February is hospitable for tourism.
March Moderately cold
Moderately cold
March offers moderate weather, appropriate for tourist visits. While nights are cold, temperature during daytime offers a good opportunity to explore this glorious town. The climate is suitable for talking a walk across verdant forests and lush green terrains. Adventure buffs can take pleasure in engaging in activities, like mountaineering, camping and mountain biking. However, make sure to carry warm clothes.
April Pleasant
The weather becomes very pleasing with temperature rising a bit. Clear blue skies bring along plenty of sunshine, offering gentle ambience during the hours of daylight. Even though nights are cool, comfortable temperature during days provides a good chance to travel in and around this vibrant town. One can enjoy mesmerizing views of waterfalls and lakes that add to the natural charm of this place.
May Pleasant
The city is under the influence of temperate weather. Confluence of bright sunshine and cool breeze maintains an amusing atmosphere, suitable for outdoor expeditions and sightseeing. It is an ideal time to indulge in exhilarating activities, like hiking and mountain biking. This month offers a good time to explore the panoramic beauty of the place, making it a preferred time for tourism.
June Rainy
Monsoon season arrives in the town, but does not cause much annoyance as rainfall is scanty in this month. The natural beauty of the place blossoms with new plantations, becoming even more attractive and charming. Even though activities like trekking and mountain biking are a little difficult to enjoy in rains, tourists can admire lush green surroundings and picturesque landscapes of the place.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The city continues to receive downpours, which are more frequent in this month. Trekking routes are closed during this time due to heavy rainfall, restricting exciting outdoor activities. However, this time is recommended for rain lovers as they can enjoy the incomparable natural beauty of this region. Budget holidaymakers can also get discounts on holiday packages and accommodations, offered in monsoon.
August Rainy
August is considered as the wettest month of the year. The city gets drenched with plenty of rainfall that is often accompanied by thunderstorms. It is not an ideal time for indulging in outdoor activities. However, nature enthusiasts can explore scenic views and gushing water bodies that add to the natural charm of this place. Carrying raincoats and umbrellas is advised when venturing out.
September Rainy
Monsoon season lasts till September and occasional downpours make the weather temperate during days, while nights are comparatively cooler. Rainfalls increase the level of humidity in atmosphere, making it inappropriate for enjoying outdoor activities and travelling. This period is not hospitable for tourism. But, those who like outings in rains can enjoy planning a visit in this month. Ensure to carry rain gears.
October Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Tourist season begins with this month and the town welcomes a large number of vacationers. Days are pleasant, but nights can be relatively cold. The natural panorama of the place spells magic on the tourists as the lush green surroundings and gushing water bodies look even more charming after rainfall. Activities like trekking and mountain biking are also accessible from this month.
November Very cold
Very cold
Pleasant weather grips the city throughout the month. The sky remains clear for most of the days, but is often covered with clouds. It is the peak tourist season and a good time for planning romantic escapes. Outdoor activities and day trips are also enjoyable. The place is usually crowded during this time as a large number of tourists throng the region to capture its true essence.
December Very cold
Very cold
Heavenly atmosphere in the month of December, offers beautiful pleasant days followed by chilly nights. Cool breeze coming from verdant forests adds coldness in the ambience. Temperate temperature favors day outs and sightseeing. Tourists can engage in exciting activities such as trekking, mountain climbing and camping. Offering an amazing travelling experience, this month is one of the best periods for tourism.

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