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Partly Cloudy
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Bekal is an ideal destination for sight-seeing and enjoying the nature from close. People can visit this tourist spot at different times of the year. The months from October to March with the cool ambiance and dryness are best suitable for sight-seeing and outgoings. People who like medium to heavy showers can visit this town from June to September. This is the best time to enjoy scenic beauty of this town. The months of April and May are hot but still very suitable for the purpose of sight-seeing for those who can resist the high temperature. The town is worth visiting in any season and at any time of the year.


Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold
Very cold
The month of January comes under the winter season. This month is quite dry but still has a lovely weather. This month has cool and moderate temperature. The maximum temperature is 25? C and the minimum counts around 20? C. Tourists visit this place for sight-seeing. During this month, a ritual dance starts in the houses or ground of this town.
February Cold
The month of February is the last month of winter season. This month has a cool and moderate temperature. The weather is drying but lovely. This month is chosen best for the purpose of sight-seeing by the visitors. The days are moderate but the nights are quite cold in this month. During this month one can see the Theyyam Performance made by the local people of Bekal.
March Hot
The month of March indicates the beginning of summer season in Bekal. The summer season brings in the color and lives to the places and the beaches of this coastal town to life. The weather is very clear. The temperature however, ranges from 30?C to 36?C the place is worth visiting. Tourists are found enjoying water adventures available here.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
This month is also very hot in the coastal area. People who can resist the high climate are only recommended to come here in the hot weather. As the weather is very hot and the temperature almost reaches to its peak typically to 36?C. Even in this month tourists prefer to do sight-seeing as the climate is clear. In the evenings, a party near the beach is very enjoyable.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The month of May is the hottest month in the summer season. The temperature almost reaches to 36?C making people feel hot. But this is the best time tourists come to this place for sight-seeing due to clear weather. People from cold places enjoy coming to this place in this hot weather.
June Heavy rainfall
Heavy rainfall
The monsoon season begins in the month of June. Being a coastal region, this town has a heavy rainfall throughout the season. The weather is quite moist and pleasant during this period. The tourists do not choose this time of the year for sight-seeing or enjoying any adventurous sports. The temperature keeps fluctuating between 25?C and 30?C.
Month Climate Details
July Heavy Rainfall Humid
Heavy Rainfall Humid
In the month of July, a heavy rainfall can be experienced in the coastal town. Sometimes it rains continuously for hours during the monsoon season. The weather is moist and full of humidity during the day time. The nights get colder during the monsoon season in Bekal. Very less or sight-seeing can be done in this month.
August Heavy Rainfall Humid
Heavy Rainfall Humid
Due to heavy rain falls in the month of August, the tourists come to this place to take the benefits of the rejuvenation centers available in or around this tourist place. Many hotels also provide the special spa treatment of Kerala. The temperature is moderate and keeps changing according to rainfall. Nearly 90% humidity can be measured in the atmosphere.
September Heavy rainfall Humid
Heavy rainfall Humid
September is the last month of rainy season. In this month, moderately less rainfall is measured. The South-west monsoon is responsible for the heavy rain falls in the town. The tourism of this spot shows a lower graph during the months of heavy rain fall in this town. The temperature also varies from 22?C to 26? C making the weather a bit colder in this region.
October Moderate rainfall humid
Moderate rainfall humid
The month of October experiences North-East monsoons, in this region. The rainfall is comparatively less than the earlier months but the level of humidity is the same. This month is best for admiring the scenic beauty of the town and its surrounding places. The temperature ranges from 24 ?C to 27 ?C making the weather cool and pleasant.
November Moderate rainfall Humid
Moderate rainfall Humid
The month of November is the last month of monsoon season. In this month, the town records a moderate rainfall and humidity in the atmosphere. The temperature recorded varies from 21?C in the night to 25?C during the day. With the end of this month, the monsoon season also ends in this region. This is the best time to enjoy the beauty and greenery of this place.
December Cold  Dry
Cold Dry
The month of December marks the beginning of winter season in this town. The weather during this month is generally dry but pleasant. The minimum recorded temperature is 20?C and the maximum recorded is 25?C in this month. Tourists come to this place for the purpose of sight-seeing during this month.

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