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Bandipur National Park is in the state of Karnatka. It experiences moderate temperatures. Winter season is cool, whereas summers are a bit hot but the heat is bearable. Monsoons witness heavy rainfall.

Bandipur has a pleasant climate throughout the year and the best period for visiting the place is between the months of October to May. Winter season in Bandipur begins in November and continues up to February. The climate during these months remains cool and sojourn though the park is cozy during this time. Summers are witnessed between March to May. The temperature remains a bit hot but it is not uncomfortable and tourists prefer to visit during this time also. Monsoons are from June to September. These days heavy showers paralyze the tourist visits. So, people prefer not to go during this period. October to May is favorable time as the climate is good and the sky remains clear. Tourists get a chance to watch the beauty of Bandipur like the animals moving in groups, elephants, birds etc. Besides this adventure activities like trekking can also be enjoyed during this period.


Winter months in Bandipur are cool and begin in November and continue up to February.  Maximum temperature goes up to 32 degree Celsius. It is a nice time to visit Bandipur.


Summer season is moderately hot. Summers start from mid March and continue till May. Temperature goes even up to 40 degree Celsius. Summer season is bearable.  You can enjoy a tour to Bandipur in this month.


Monsoon period is observed from June to September. Bandipur receives heavy rainfall during this season. Climate remains pleasant during this season but heavy rains make tour to this place uncomfortable.


Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Weather during January remains pleasant and cool. Cozy climatic conditions make this period good for camping and vacationing. Elephants can be spotted during this time and it is a good time for trekking. One can enjoy outdoor trips in Bandipur. Starting month of the year is a good time for visiting Bandipur National Park.
February Pleasant
Climate remains cool and nice. Trekking is enjoyable during this month. It is an ideal time for spending vacations, camping and watching birds in this National Park. During this time elephants can be spotted and this month is favorable for tourist visits to this park.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March offers a little hot weather. Temperature soars up but the heat is bearable. This month is good for those who like to watch wildlife activities as a lot of animals can be seen in this month. We can say that this month is good for visitors to visit Bandipur.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Temperature continues its rising trend and the atmosphere becomes hot, though this amount of heat doesn’t make the travel through this park uncomfortable. The sky remains blue and wildlife lovers can watch a number of animals roaming in the park. In short it is a good time for tourist visits.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Heat in the atmosphere increases this month also. Animals can be seen in the park. People who love to watch animals can visit this park. Besides this one can enjoy adventure activities during this time. Even though the temperature is not that much favorable but the tourist’s visits are feasible and enjoyable in this month.
June Rainy
Bandipur witnesses heavy rainfall during this month. Incessant rains lead to fall in temperature. Entire month experiences the heavy showers. So it becomes difficult for the tourists to visit Bandipur in this month. But the beauty of Bandipur during this month is worth a watch.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
This month the sky does not remain clear. Rain doesn't fall too heavily. It can't be considered good time for any type of activities. Parks remain full with green grass. Cost of tour packages remains cheap as it is not a tourist season. Tourists avoid visiting this part of the world during this month.
August Rainy
This month offers a pleasant climate as the temperature remains low. Rainfall during this month is plentiful. Bandipur looks very beautiful during this season, but owing to the rain this is not an ideal month to visit this place. Tour packages remain cheap during this period.
September Rainy
The rainy season continues and the weather condition remains cool and pleasant. Bandipur National Park looks awesome during this time. Heavy rains make it difficult for tourists to visit this park. Moreover the animals cannot be seen in this period. Tourists should avoid going to Bandipur this month as it will be uncomfortable and useless.
October Pleasant
This is the period after the monsoons, the weather remains cozy. Moving around becomes easy and pleasurable. This month animals can be seen roaming in the park. The sky remains clear and the tourist visits begin. We can say that really a good time for visiting and witnessing the beauty of the park.
November Pleasant
Awesome climate is witnessed this month. The sky remains clear and the tourists can enjoy moving in the park. This month animals enjoy roaming in the park. Trekking can be a pleasurable experience during this month. One can enjoy watching elephants moving in groups. Bird lovers can get a chance to soothe their eyes by watching different kinds of birds.
December Pleasant
Weather remains cool and cozy. People can spend their holidays here in this month. You can get a nice sight of animals in the park side. Trekking is also enjoyable in this month. We can say that it is best suited time for Tourists visit to Bandipur National Park.

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