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The sacred destination of Badrinath is located at a height of 3133 metres and remains chilly throughout the year. Badrinath is open only during the months of May to November and it is visited by thousands of devotees each year to offer their prayers.


November to February- Winter season has chilly days and snowfall can also be experienced. The entire region is covered under the sheet of white snow, requiring the people to wear heavy woollen clothing.


March to June - The days are pleasant and climate remains moderate during summers. Rainfall can also be witnessed at times. The mercury swings between 10°C to 18°C. Wearing light woollen clothes is suggested to stay comfortable.


July to October- Heavy rainfall is witnessed during this season in Badrinath and the temperature falls down to 13°C. A lot of holy rituals are conducted during the monsoon season and Badrinath is flocked by innumerable tourists.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
The weather is tremendously frosty in January. Days are extremely cold and nights are chilly. Mercury falls below subzero level, resulting in snowfall. Continuous and heavy snowfall blocks the roads, making it impossible to travel to this holy city. The place is not accessible to the rest of the county in winters and hence this period is not recommended for tourism.
February Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
The city continues to remain under the influence of winters. Enormously cold days are followed by nippy nights. Temperature often falls below freezing level. Roads are still blocked due to heavy snowfall and there is no way tourists can reach this divine place. Due to unbearable weather and uncomfortable travelling, this period is certainly not favorable for taking a trip to Badrinath.
March Very cold
Very cold
Even though temperature rises above zero degrees Celsius, climate is still cold and uncomfortable. Days are frigid and nights are chilly. Intermittent snowfall can be experienced, which continues to clog the roads, interrupting traveling to this city. The region covered with the blanket of snow does not favor tourist visits and is not a good time for pilgrimage or holidaying.
April Very cold
Very cold
The temperature begins to rise in April, making the weather comparatively comfortable. However, snowfall continues to dominate the region, sometimes blocking roads and making it challenging for the pilgrims and tourists to reach this destination. Though mercury begins to favor outdoor activities, snowfall might interrupt travelling. This time is not considered favorable for planning pilgrimage or tourist visits to Badrinath.
May Very cold
Very cold
Tourist season starts in Badrinath with the beginning of this month. Skies are clear and sun shines through, offering pretty warm climate. The famous Badrinath temple reopens for pilgrims and the place is usually crowded, as a large number of devotees throng this place to pay homage to God. Carrying heavy woolen clothes is recommended when travelling to this place.
June Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Mercury level rises and weather begins to get warm. While nights can still be a bit cold, clear blue skies with plenty of sunshine make the climate suitable for temple visits and holidaying. Vacationers can easily travel across the place. Snow starts to melt and the city showcases lush surroundings. It is an ideal month to take up a trip to this holy place.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately cold, Rainy
Moderately cold, Rainy
Pleasant temperature makes the weather comfortable, as comfortable and cold days are accompanied by chilly nights. Monsoon sets in this month, bringing heavy rainfall to the region. Landslides and floods might interrupt travelling. Moreover, the temple might also be closed for pilgrimage during this time due to heavy rains. For those planning to visit Badrinath, carrying rain gears is recommended.
August Moderately cold, Rainy
Moderately cold, Rainy
Weather during this period becomes temperate and is accompanied by intermittent rainfall. Considered as one of the hottest months of the year, August offers pleasant climatic conditions to travel across the city and carry out temple visits. However, heavy rainfall can interrupt outdoor trips at times. Therefore, one must be careful while travelling to this place and ensure carrying rain gears.
September Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Mercury begins to dip but is still within a comfortable range. Occasional rainfall can be expected, but does not interrupt travelling and does not cause annoyance to vacationers. Pilgrims and tourists can walk across the narrow lanes of the city and take pleasure in temple visits. One can go on higher altitudes to enjoy snow. Offering suitable weather conditions, September is one of the best months for tourism.
October Very cold
Very cold
Winters start to hit the city again in this month. Atmosphere during daytime is fairly pleasant, but nights are chilly. Comfortable weather during daytime makes it possible for devotees and vacationers to indulge in outdoor activities and travel in and around the city. It is the last month when pilgrims and holidaymakers can throng this place as snowfall begins by the end of October, interrupting tourist visits.
November Freezing cold
Freezing cold
Temperature scoops down to freezing level, bringing snowfall to the region. Tremendously cold winds engulf the place, as chilly nights accompany extremely cold days. The connectivity to the city cuts off due to heavy snowfall, making it impossible to travel. Dominated by chilly weather and snow-covered areas, Badrinath does not serve as an ideal tourist destination in the month of November.
December Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
Mercury dips to subzero level and frequent snowfall blocks the roads that connect Badrinath to other parts of the country, causing difficulty in travelling to this sanctified city. Temples remain closed and other outdoor tourist activities are also hindered. Freezing cold days and chilly nights make the weather unbearable. Thus, visiting this place in the month of December should be avoided.

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