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Humidity 35% Wind 6 kph (Direction: NNE)

Although Badami has pleasant climate during winters and spring but the ideal time to visit this place is from September to February. With the temperature ranging between 13°C to 32°C, this time is perfect for outings. Whereas months like March to June are best to be avoided with the mercury level shooting more than 41°C and scorching sunrays can make your trip a complete disaster. You can still prefer monsoon, offering good rainfall bringing cheers and relief from the scorching summer days. It can be the best time for monsoon lovers though be aware of the heavy rainfall.


Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
In January the temperature becomes very comfortable and perfect for tourist spot. Where they can enjoy different activities and have a great trip. The climate is pleasant and cool. The days offer slight warmth and cool breeze whereas the nights are sometime cold. This month you can enjoy activities like rock climbing.
February Pleasant
This month the temperature begins to rise with pleasant climatic conditions. Still the weather is quite comfortable and temperate remains under controlled levels. It is a good month for tourists to enjoy outdoor activities. Activities like rock climbing and sightseeing can be planned during this month. It offers a lifetime experience and a lot more fun with friends and family.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the beginning of March the summers start approaching and the temperature starts rising. The climatic conditions become hot and dry. It can be difficult to go out and visit temples and sculptures but you can shop for some hand-crafted pieces and relish a uniquely flavored local cuisine in various restaurants.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
April is the month when the climatic conditions are extreme. You will experience the maximum heat and it will be very uncomfortable travelling and planning out various activities. Temperature sometimes reaches up to 40 degree Celsius which is not suitable for people especially from north zone. It may not be an ideal time for visiting Badami but if you are planning then sun protection is a must.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This month can be very difficult due to ever rising temperature. The major annoyance during this month is the scorching sun and humidity in the atmosphere. It can be terribly hot and weather is expected to be dry plus the temperature level becomes too high which is not at all suitable and can place you out of comfort zone. This month it is better to avoid any plans for Badami.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather in the month of June is moderate you can feel relaxed as the intermittent showers in this period are expected but accompanied with little humidity. It may not be the best or ideal season but as the nights are cooler than the daytime you can still plan for a short trip.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July brings with itself monsoon and the place receives heavy rainfall during this time. Most of the days in this month it is raining all day long or you can expect the days to be cloudy. On a plus point temperature dips down to comfort zone and is best recommended for rain lovers. Short trips are also possible but beware of heavy rains.
August Rainy
This month also entails heavy rainfall which accompanies high level of humidity. As there are brief breaks in the rainfall you can plan out for trips and even go out to visit some more exquisitely carved temples. Maximum days it is expected to shower but this also helps lower temperature.
September Rainy
Here at Badani the monsoon continue still September end. However it is completely favorable, you can enjoy the breeze and coolness of the whether everywhere adding a slice of fun in your trip. You can enjoy the native festival Vinayak Chathurthi which is celebrated during this month
October Pleasant
October the days are very pleasant and calm as there is no excessive rainfall but at times it may rain. Temperatures become favorable which makes it perfect for sightseeing and indulging in Rock climbing, cave exploring, trekking, with your family as these are some of the activities in Badami that you may enjoy here.
November Pleasant
This month has very pleasing and moderately cold weather. Climate conditions are quite favorable and people love visiting this place as this is the perfect time for sightseeing. It is also ideal for enjoying adventurous activities like climbing; enjoying picnic lunches with your family and paying homage at popular temples can be real fun.
December Pleasant
The weather is very pleasant you can enjoy the cool breeze and freshness all around. It is the best time to visit the place and plan out for various adventurous sports activities offered in Badami. Light woolens would come handy during winter months.

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