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Ayodhya, stretched over from the Kabul Valley to the banks of Godavari, experiences typically extreme summers and winters.

Ayodhya does not have a varying climate, it is either extreme hot or extreme cold. But winters are a good option to go out with friends and family as the minimum temperature reading is below 10°C. Also the days are very comfortable for enjoying the city beauty, visiting local temples and historical monuments can be a great experience as the days are very pleasant and nights are bit cool with an average temperature below 30 °C. Monsoon period i.e. from July to September has good amount of rains which makes the area muddy and roads slippery. Also the months march to mid June can be very scorching as the mercury level rises touching maximum value of 47°C with a minimum above 29°C.


Winters –December –February – Ayodhya has chilling temperature in winters with temperature varying from 22°C-8°C. Especially for those who come from warm regions like the northern plains it is a good place to visit for a perfect vacation.


Summers – March – June – Ayodhya usually experiences boiling summers with temperature ranging from 28°C-37°C and is expected to reach 42°C; thereby travelling becomes difficult. Extreme sunlight during day time heats the surroundings, while nights are hot and humid. Thus light cotton clothing is necessary.


Monsoon –July–September– monsoons arrive by the end of July. Although city witnesses intermittent rainfall, this time period is perfect for vacations. You can enjoy the serene nature, visit local shrines and plan a visit to nearby village and explore its heritage.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This is a good month for tourist planning for vacations as the climate is very soothing, cold and at night it can be very chilly as well. You can enjoy the winters with your beloved visiting the holy land and the historical monuments. You are advised to carry your woolens.
February Cold
February is considered one of the best month to visit Ayodhya as this climate is cold but the sky is clear with the cold breeze and even you have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities and travel all across the city. You can expect some sunshine in the day time which can be add on while you are on the way to visit Ayodhya.
March Pleasant
This month is not accompanied with much cold or rains but the extreme weather conditions can make your trip a delightful experience with the warmth of the sunshine the cool breeze is warmed up. You can enjoy travelling the nearby shrines, gardens, forts, market and enjoy different food items. The period is ideal for tourist sightseeing.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
This is not the month to visit Ayodhya as the temperature begins to rise, very slowly throughout the month, warming up towards the end. Ayodhya provides its guests with plenty to see but due the tiring heat and humidity it can make this month extremely troublesome for those who wish to stay in moderate heat or cold temperature.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This is also another month which adds its name to the list of hottest month. The scorching sun rays and the tiring summer can make it difficult to move out. People who have any such plans to go out with family and friends may avoid their visit because it would be difficult to enjoy with family and kids in such drastic weather conditions.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
June is another name to the list of hottest month. The days and night are warmer making difficult to stay there. But with the end of this month monsoon is expected and thus making the overall temperature level equal and tolerable for the tourist. You can still wait for the monsoon to arrive to enjoy your best.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the monsoon the rains begin to shower all day long thus making travelling difficult and the trip as well. This month can be good for those people who love rain and just want to relax in there with the beautiful monsoon arising with rush. You cannot opt for any outdoor plans in such conditions.
August Rainy
August shares the same background with the cloudy skies and rains making it one of the wettest months. It can be problematic for the tourist not used to rains or such changing weather conditions. You can expect the climate to be humid and unpleasant for those who are not prepared to face it.
September Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This month ensures the rains to end and the sky would be clear but with cool breeze and a bit of warmth from sun at day time. You can expect the nights to be cooler. You can enjoy visiting of the monuments and nearby villages and engrave yourself with their culture.
October Pleasant
This month is pleasant as the outdoor activities are open for tourist you can even enjoy the tourist special deals and travelling to all nearby places can be fun. This can be a completely religious trip with a visit to all the pilgrimages. This month is tourist favorite with the upcoming festivals celebrations all around.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The most awaited month of the year is November when Dussehra and Diwali are on the way. With the winters to open up there is a shimmer of happiness and preparation of the festival all across the city. The complete city is decorated and truly beauty in itself this can be a religious and authentic tour for you enriched with true colors of India.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The winter of Ayodhya is usually at its peak by the mid December. You can plan your trip in this month as it is more favorable to tourist sports and activities. You can enjoy various fest organized by local people and even participate. You are advised to carry your warm stuff.

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