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Humidity 52% Wind 17 kph (Direction: West)

Alleppey is one of the most popular tourist hotspots because of its comfortable weather all year round combined with many sightseeing attractions and picturesque surroundings.

The weather of Alleppey makes it a delight to visit at almost any time of the year. Thanks to its location along the West Coast, the average temperature of the year experiences only a slight variation as compared to other locations, for example, in North India where the variations are much more prominent. The summer season (from March to May) is a great time for tourists who want to go outdoors and get some sightseeing done. The rainy season (from June to September) is avoided by tourists since the rains can become problematic. The winter season is ideal for those who want to experience the festivity and romance of Alleppey.


October to February - The winter season in the city of Alleppey extends from October through to February and the city takes on a very festive atmosphere thanks to numerous festivals which make for a unique experience for many tourists.


March to May -Alleppey’s summer season starts in March and carries on till the end of May. This season is perfect for tourists who want to indulge in beach activities and sightseeing as well.


June to September -The monsoons visit Alleppey from June through to September and can impede any plans involving going outdoors, due to high intensity and frequency of rains during these months.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
With cool nights and pleasant days, the New Year frequently brings a number of tourists with it to Alleppey. Whether they want to enjoy activities like sightseeing or would just like to spend a day at the beach, tourists can do so. Houseboat trips are a tourist attraction which should not be missed.
February Pleasant
The best weather for those tourists who wish to head out during the day time and explore the outdoors, the sunny blue skies and warm nights make this month the very best time to check out the coast and the many beaches in Alleppey. Water sports like swimming, jet skiing and high velocity boating are also other indulgences available here.
March Warm
The summer season starts to raise temperatures throughout the month but more so towards the end of the month. Tourists can still head out to enjoy the activities they had planned for themselves during the day time and enjoy the pleasant night time weather as well. The day time temperature continues to gradually rise during this month, peaking when the tourist season comes to a close.
April Hot
This month is usually the beginning of the summer season so daytime temperatures might become somewhat unpleasant for some tourists since the combination of the rise in temperature and the levels of humidity might make daytime travel a sticky affair. However, the lowering off season prices during this month make this month a great time for those on a budget vacation.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This is the hottest month of the year, so even though Alleppey weather is pleasant throughout, the combination of the heat and the humidity might again prove to be an obstacle for those who are more suited to cooler and drier climes. However, those who can endure it can still enjoy the various outdoor tourist activities which this city has to offer at the lowest off season rates.
June Rainy
The infamous monsoon season in the Western Ghats is well documented and known for its intensity and frequency. The seemingly relentless frequency of the rainfall can put a dampener on tourist plans of sightseeing since the roads are usually the first victim to the rainfall with water clogging of frequently traveled routes.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
With the monsoons hitting the city with full force, tourist activities come to a virtual standstill. The city is located on the Western Coast of India and with the number of waterways in the city all in full flow these incessant rains will definitely put a damper on any plans of outdoor tourist activities and travel.
August Warm
The receding monsoon gives this city a veritable all natural makeover, giving tourists who are interested in sightseeing natural artifacts as opposed to all the traditional historical sightseeing activities all the more reason to come and experience the beauty and tranquility of Alleppey and its all natural surroundings as well as the Onam Season and the Nehru Boat race which are celebrated here.
September Warm
This month is a great time for tourists to come and visit the city since the entire city blossoms after the rain and the natural beauty reaches an all time peak. The outgoing monsoon drops in frequency and intensity to the point where it does not severely hamper any plans for sightseeing.
October Pleasant
Those tourists who visit Alleppey in the month of October might be subject to the odd shower as the monsoons finally leave this place. The comfortable average temperature range makes outdoor plans for activities and sightseeing very much possible. Those tourists who want to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala can certainly enjoy the same in this month.
November Pleasant
The most preferred month for a majority of tourists who come to Alleppey since visiting in November gives them the opportunity to enjoy the best this place has to offer them, whether they are interested in going on a sightseeing vacation or want to check out the backwaters in their houseboat.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The climate of Alleppey is relatively stable even during winter months given its proximity to the coastline. This makes December a wonderful time to visit since not only are the festivities in full swing but the tourist season is also at an all time high.

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