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Partly Cloudy
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Alibag is a popular tourist destination for good reason. The picturesque locales and natural beauty of this place offers the tourists a chance to enjoy a trip like none other.

Alibag is a city which offers the visiting tourist a destination wherein the weather is optimal almost around the year. Those looking forwards to have a natural experience which wows all their senses have made the right choice in visiting this place. Being located in a coastal region means the weather is fairly pleasant in this city throughout the duration of the year with the minimum temperatures reaching a low of a cool 14ºC during the November – March winter season. The only season wherein Alibag could pose a challenge to visiting tourists interested in getting to know this place better is the monsoon season which spans the months of June, July, August and September. Those who can brave the rain will not find a lot of activities to indulge in. The summer season is also pleasant, with the sunny beaches proving the perfect weekend getaway for those who visit.


October to March - The winter season of Alibag extends from October to March and the blossoming natural beauty of this place makes this season one of the very best for tourists.


April to June - Alibag is situated in a coastal region, so the summer season is rather humid, even if not intense. Tourists are advised to be prepared for the high levels of humidity.


July to September - The monsoon season in Alibag is rather intense. Tourists visiting this place in monsoon should avoid planning outdoor activities.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
This month is one of the most popular among tourists who travel to Alibag. The New Year brings chilly winds during the day time and the pleasant nights have made Alibag the holiday destination of choice. Clear daytime skies during the day make this the ideal time to indulge in tourism.
February Pleasant
This is the ideal weather for guests who want to head out in the day and go get involved in urban activities, azure blue skies and the pleasant weather make this the most inviting time to check out the coast and the beaches in Alibag.
March Pleasant
The weather begins to make its presence felt as the beaches begin to draw in more tourists. The warm day time temperatures are perfect for those who are interested in going out and enjoying the various options present for them vis – a – vis sightseeing and tourism. Taking part in outdoor activities, before the heat, is a kick up. This month is perfect for pilgrimage visit and holidays, it is also a great time for tourists.
April Warm
The weather begins to liven up as the temperature starts to rise. Tourists who are interested in leisure activities around Alibag should definitely consider visiting this city during this month. A clear and sunny daytime sky spent on the beach is the best way to make sure that you get the most out of your trip to this city.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Coming to Alibag in the month of May might be of concern to some, but the fact is that the extremes of the weather range from a moderately hot day time to a pleasant breeze during the night time. Outdoor activities are definitely recommended since the extremes of the weather here still fall within a comfortable range.
June Rainy
The monsoon of the Western Ghats is well known. It is during this month that the average temperatures reach a comfortable plateau. However, the frequency of the rains will continue to increase during this month as cool breezes continue to sweep through the region. Outdoor activities can be indulged in provided the rain does not interrupt them.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
It is in this month when the monsoons reach the city of Alibag in full force. The incessant rains will not only lower the temperature to a range which is bearable, but the increase in the frequency of rains could put a definite damper on any outdoor activities and travel plans. The city looks fresh after these showers but tourists could find themselves restricted to indoor activities.
August Rainy
The monsoon season is still in swing during this month but it does begin to decrease in intensity over this month. The reducing frequency of the rain over this time period can give some tourists the opportunity to get outdoors. However, the unpredictable nature of the rains in this region might be disappointing to many tourists who had plans for sightseeing.
September Rainy
The post – monsoon beauty of Alibag is something many tourists yearn to witness for themselves. This month sees temperatures stay at more or less the same level, but with pleasantly cool breezes during the evenings and a lowering in the frequency of the rains, Alibag really blossoms into a thing of beauty.
October Pleasant
This is definitely one of the best times for tourists travelling to enjoy outdoor sightseeing in and around the city of Alibag. Many people come down to enjoy all the scenic beauty which reaches its zenith during these months. Therefore all tourists who indulge in sightseeing and outdoor activities will be granted a welcome change.
November Pleasant
Cool days and cooler nights, the month of November is the height of the tourist season, with thousands anxious to visit the city of Alibag and then take in a number of various tourist activities including sightseeing and even shopping. Day times are extremely pleasant throughout the region with chilly breezes blowing across the city.
December Pleasant
The climate of Alibag during this month is one of the key reasons why it is such a huge tourist attraction for those who are looking for a unique New Year’s experience. Away from the hustle and bustle of metropolises, tourists can enjoy sightseeing in the day and can socialize in the sea breezes which envelop them at night.

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