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Ajmer offers a lot to the tourists who come to experience the rich tapestry of Indian history. This city has a variety of tourist attractions as well as marvelous historical sites, which they come to visit from around the world.

Ajmer is a city which offers a lot to the tourist looking to experience a multi – cultural experience which wows all their senses. Being situated in a rather arid region means the summers are extremely hot in this city with minimum temperatures beyond what many tourists are accustomed to. Those who do visit Ajmer in these times are advised to carry the necessary precautions like sunscreen and protective clothing with them. In winters however, Ajmer is a tourist’s delight, with the comfortable weather making it a pleasure for tourists to enjoy the many sights which await them in and even around the city. November to March remain the best months for tourists to visit, so that they can not only see Ajmer’s natural beauty for themselves but can do so without having to worry about inclement weather.


November to March - The winters of Ajmer go on from November to March and these are definitely the best months for tourists who want to go outside and see the historical sites and natural beauty of Ajmer come alive during this season.


April to June - Located in a rather arid region, summer season of Ajmer is extremely hot and tourists who are not used to high temperatures should avoid visiting in this season.


July to September - The monsoons in the city of Ajmer are not as intense as compared to most of other regions of India, because of the arid climate, but the humidity can be unpleasant.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
This month is one of the most preferred by tourists who come to Ajmer. The chilly atmosphere during the days and the cold nights make it a preferred holiday destination for honeymooning couples. There are clear skies in the day, but heavy woolens are recommended for the night.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Ideal weather for tourists who are looking to head out during the day and get some sight seeing done. The blue skies and comfortable weather make this one of Ajmer’s most inviting times. Towards the end of the month, the temperature will begin to rise but will remain comfortable as well.
March Warm
The heat begins to make its presence felt as the summer season begins to set in. The warm temperatures are great for those who are interested in seeing the city in full bloom before the heat really kicks up. Perfect for pilgrimages and holidays, this month is a great time for tourists.
April Hot
The weather begins to dry up in this month as the temperature continues to rise. Tourists who are not used to hot and arid climates should avoid visiting this city in this month. The only advised activities are those which take place indoors thanks to clear and harsh daytime skies and little to no rainfall.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Visiting Ajmer in the month of May is only for those who are sure that they can handle extreme heat. This month has extremely hot days thanks to strong sunlight and dry winds which make travelling and sightseeing experiences quite unpleasant for tourists who are not prepared enough. Outdoor activities are not recommended.
June Hot
The high temperatures of the preceding month begin to slowly fade as the intermittent monsoon rains begin increasing in frequency and intensity throughout this month. Day time temperatures are still rather hot throughout therefore a lot of tourists might find themselves doing night time outdoor activities.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This is the month wherein the monsoon season hits the city of Ajmer in full effect. The frequent rains do reduce the temperature to within bearable range, but the resultant increase in humidity could make outdoor travel and activities rather uncomfortable for most tourists who visit the city during this month.
August Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The monsoon season begins to reduce in intensity during this month, with the frequency of the rain reducing over the time period. However, the combination of the heat and the humidity might still be off putting to many tourists. The post – monsoon beauty of Ajmer however, is a sight many tourists yearn to experience.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month sees temperatures lowering further, making the daytimes warm but with pleasantly cool evenings. The rainfall during this month is irregular at best and so helps in maintaining the comfortable climate. Towards the end of this month, the major tourist attractions begin to open, making it the best time for those tourists who want to take advantage of the off – season offerings.
October Pleasant
This is one of, if not the best months for tourists travelling to Ajmer to enjoy outdoor sightseeing in and around the city. Tourists often flock to enjoy all the natural beauty which reaches its peak during these months, making all outdoor activities a welcome change.
November Pleasant
With its pleasant days and cool nights, the month of November is a great time to visit the city of Ajmer and to indulge in a variety of tourist activities including but not limited to sightseeing and even desert safaris. Night times are extremely pleasant with cool breezes blowing across the cityscape.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Located in a rather arid region, winters in Ajmer can be a very inviting time to visit, since the skies are almost always azure blue and the chilly breezes never fail to comfort tourists who have been looking forward to enjoying the sightseeing opportunities which Ajmer brings to them.

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