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Aihole, located in Karnataka state, is famous for its rock architecture. Dry tropical climate is experienced in this region and from October to January is the best time for planning a visit to this picturesque town.

Being one of the most significant regions of Karnataka, in terms of history and architecture, Aihole sees an incredible inflow of tourists from all over the world. The climate of Aihole region is primarily dry tropical, varying significantly from other regions located in Karnataka’s northern part. The months of winter, starting from October till January, are considered to be the best for planning a trip to this wonderful place. The maximum and minimum temperature varies from 25OC to 18OC during these months. The pleasant weather continues to make the days favorable for outings and sightseeing trips till the month of March. However, as the summer season starts to set in the month of April, many people find it inconvenient to travel in the dry and hot weather. This area also sees adequate rainfall during the months of June to September, when the entire surroundings begin to flaunt a refreshed look; however, it is suggested to wait till the arrival of winter season in Oct


October to January – Pleasant and cool weather during these months makes this season best for visiting Aihole. The temperature during day time remains around 25°C, while at night it can drop to 18°C.


April to July – Dry and hot weather in summer season and maximum temperature reaching up to 23°C, makes it inconvenient for tourists to travel around. It is not considered a very favorable time for planning a visit to Aihole.


July to September – Heavy rainfall witnessed in Aihole in monsoon season makes the weather quite pleasant, as well as adds to the beauty of its surrounding. Planning outdoor trips might not be possible during this time, due to constant showers.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Aihole experiences cool and pleasant weather in the month of January and it is also considered to be the best month for visiting Aihole. While the days are quite pleasant, nights can get quite chilly. You can explore plenty of historical attractions spread across this place, as well as indulge in various activities. It is good to carry warm clothes, if you are visiting Aihole during this period.
February Pleasant
The pleasant weather of January continues in February as well and it is also the time when a large number of tourists visit this place. You can expect a lot of sunshine during day time, making the entire ambiance quite pleasant. This is the reason why tourists consider it the best time for visiting Aihole and exploring its sightseeing places, as well as historical temples.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March brings along the summer season and it is during this month the temperature begins to rise. Weather becomes dry and hot. Not many tourists visit Aihole during this month as travelling in this hot weather is not considered convenient by many. Although you can still come here during March, before the weather starts to become really hot in the coming months.
April Very hot
Very hot
April is among the hottest months here in Aihole. As the temperature reaches a high level, the climate can become quite hot. This time can become a bit uncomfortable for tourist activities, like sightseeing and outings. Although not many tourists prefer to visit Aihole in this weather, but if you are planning a trip, then make sure to carry along stuff for keeping you protected from sun.
May Very hot
Very hot
Weather is again very hot in the month of May. The heat emitted by scorching sun can make this period quite annoying for travelers, as they find the temperature to be somewhat beyond their comfort zone, which makes it one of the least preferred times for travelling. However, if you are planning a trip during this time, then you can stay protected with stuff like sun protection and simple cotton clothes.
June Moderately hot
Moderately hot
June marks the start of rainy season in Aihole, which continues till August. As this place starts to receive rainfall in June, you can expect showers on maximum days, providing the much needed relief from scorching sun. As the temperatures starts to drop, a slight rise in humidity is seen. Although visiting all the attractions might not be possible, but you can definitely plan a small trip.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
As the rainy season sets in, heavy rainfalls continue in July. It is during this time that a significant dip in the temperatures is seen, as rainfalls are accompanied by thunderstorms as well. Not many clear skies will be visible during this month. However, you can use these brief breaks between the showers for enjoying short trips in the city, rather than planning an extensive tour of all the local attractions.
August Pleasant
Monsoon season continues in August. Experiencing a lot of rainfall, this month is also considered to be the wettest in the whole year. The temperature during this month becomes quite comfortable, however the high humidity levels still continue. It is still not the best time when you can go on a trip of various sightseeing places present here, but short tips are still possible.
September Pleasant
As the month of September starts, the rains begin to subside, however occasional rainfalls can still be expected. Moderate temperature makes it possible to venture out and explore the numerous attractions of Aihole. Most of the people start planning their sightseeing trips and outdoor activities in Aihole during this time, as the weather becomes quite pleasant due to cool breezes.
October Moderately cold
Moderately cold
October is definitely one of the most preferred months for visiting Aihole. During October the weather becomes quite pleasant and the temperatures are moderate, making it the best time to spend outdoors visiting sightseeing places or enjoying various activities. However, you can still expect a few showers now and then, which rather than hampering your plans, add a refreshing touch to the surroundings.
November Very cold
Very cold
In November the weather starts to become pleasant, as well as cool. Days are made beautiful by the sparkling sunshine, while the nights can feel a bit cooler as compared to the days. Moderate and comfortable temperatures makes November among the best months for visiting Aihole for a sightseeing tip, when you can enjoy the beauty of outdoors with your family and loved ones.
December Very cold
Very cold
The weather of December can feel mildly cold. The pleasant days are accompanied by chilly and cold nights. This is also a great time for visiting the plenty of sightseeing places that Aihole has to offer, such as historical temples, palaces and other attractions. As the chill starts to set in, it is suggested to bring along some warm clothes to stay comfortable and warm.

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