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Ahmadabad is one of India's most progressive cities, attracting tourists from all over the world who want to marvel at this city which has plenty of natural and man–made attractions sure to please every tourist.

The best time to visit the city of Ahmadabad is undoubtedly during the months of October, all the way till March, encompassing the autumn and winter seasons. These months are also full of cool and pleasant days with the nights becoming rather chilly. Therefore this season is the best time for tourists to come on over and enjoy the different sights this city brings to them. Ahmadabad is one of India’s most progressive cities, with a lot of cultural heritage, making it the perfect kaleidoscope for those who want to see why and how the state of Gujarat has progressed since the Independence of the country. With cultural sites like the Bhadra Fort and Kankaria Lake alongside the Science City, Ahmadabad can keep its guests awed and inspired as they check out the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this city.


October to March - The winter season in Ahmadabad goes on from the month of October till the month of March and the pleasant day time temperature and chilly nights make this the best time to visit Ahmedabad.


April to June -Summer season of Ahmedabad goes on from April to June and scorches this region with intense heat. Tourists might have a rather uncomfortable time with plans involving going outdoors.


July to September -From the month of July to the month of September, Ahmadabad gets frequent rains which can impede tourist plans but give the natural beauty of this region a great boost.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month is great for those tourists who want a pleasant temperature as they can check out all the various sights and sounds this city has to offer. Tourists are advised to keep some light woolens to help them combat the chill which has a tendency of setting in during the night. Daytimes are pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and other tourist activities.
February Pleasant
This month, like January is also greatly recommended for tourists who wish to indulge in a fair bit of sightseeing and they can do so thanks to the crystal clear blue skies and light sun. The humidity levels in the city are pretty low at this point therefore travelling outside is comfortable during this time. Cool evening breezes also add to the charm of this city.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This is the month when the summer season begins to set in and temperatures begin rising. The day time is usually very dry and sunny, making daytime visits best suitable for those who are acclimatized to the city’s temperature levels. Night time is more or less pleasant, with the occasional cool breezes during the night.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather really begins to heat up at this time, thanks to the full onset of the summer at this time. Many tourists who hail from colder climates might have trouble in adjusting to the heat at this time. Tourist activities like outdoor sightseeing can be hampered unless the guests take appropriate precautions against the intense day time temperature levels.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Visiting Ahmadabad in the month of May is recommended only for tourists who are sure that the intense summer season will not cause a problem. With blue skies, bright and strong sunlight and warm winds sweeping across the city, those who are ill prepared to face it should not indulge in outdoor activities during the day. Protective clothing and high SPF sunscreen is advised.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
It is in this month that Ahmadabad’s monsoon starts to set in. The intense heat and levels of humidity can make sightseeing a rather bothersome experience. The rain progressively increases across the month, causing the temperatures to drop but humidity to rise. Tourists should carry free flowing clothing for a visit during this month in case they have a problem with the levels of humidity.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
This month sees the monsoon settling into the city and its surrounding regions, with intermittent showers and overcast skies. Day times are a little bothersome because even though the city might not be intensely hot as a month like May but the rise in humidity can make outdoor travel a rather sticky proposition for tourists. Those who welcome the occasional evening shower however, will have plenty to enjoy.
August Rainy
This is the season where the monsoon rains hit the city in full force. The monsoon makes this month one of the rainiest months which visitors to the city will get to experience. Combined with fading temperature levels, the frequent and heavy amounts of rain can make outdoor travel and sightseeing rather problematic. Tourists who like such intensity of rain will have a lot to appreciate.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The monsoon season, with its incessant rains, begins to fade away as the summer season also comes to an end during this month, in this region. Thanks to pleasant winds and the rain, this month sees Ahmadabad’s natural beauty come to the forefront, blooming into a variety of colors. Cool evening breezes give tourists all the more reason to head out, save for the occasional shower.
October Pleasant
This month is definitely one of the most beautiful months for tourists. Those who want to enjoy the various outdoor sightseeing locations in and around the city of Ahmadabad can do so with the clear blue skies above and blooming natural beauty. With a lot to check out and do during October, tourists can enjoy the start of the tourist season in this month.
November Pleasant
An extremely popular time to visit Ahmadabad among tourists, the month of November is best for those who enjoy nice cool weather and wish to witness the many locations which help the city come alive.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The winters of Ahmadabad make December the best time for tourists to come and visit the city. The cool days and cold nights do make it important for any and all visitors to have heavy woolen clothing nearby during this month.

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