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January Extremely Cold
Extremely Cold
January is a winter month which brings along immensely cold days and chilly nights. It is regarded as the best time to pay homage at the highly popular shrine of Vaishno Devi, because this beautiful temple is opened for devotees at this time of the year. Carrying woolen clothes is essential when planning a trip to Katra during this month.
February Extremely Cold
Extremely Cold
February is counted amongst one of the coldest winter months in Katra. If you are planning a pilgrimage tour in winters, then it is essential to carry heavy woolen clothes to stay warm during your whole journey. The joy of visiting the original cave, which is opened during this time, will add more fervor to your touring experience, making it unforgettable.
March Very Cold
Very Cold
The temperature slightly warms up in March, while cold winds maintain coolness during hours of sunshine. Climate is quite comfortable for travelling and the famous Vaishno Devi Cave is still open for exploration. It is a good time for pilgrims to start their excursion and visit the divine shrine where all wishes of the devotees are known to come true.
April Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Being one of the most visited tourist destinations of the country, Katra attracts a lot of tourists and pilgrims in April. During this period, you will see huge crowds at Katra which is the base camp to commence pilgrimage tour to Vaishno Devi Shrine. Pleasantly warm rays of the sun and gusty ambiance will keep on making your trip more enjoyable.
May Pleasant
May arrives with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperature. Many devotees regard it as the best time to visit Katra and pay homage at the famous shrine of Vaishno Devi. The weather is quite pleasant for outdoor visits, as days are warm, while nights are comparatively cooler. This month is best suitable for enjoying holiday trips and planning pilgrim tours.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Days are slightly warmer in June, as compared to nights which are colder but the climate still lies within a comfortable zone. Sun shines for long hours, allowing the tourists to go out and enjoy exciting activities. If you are here on a pilgrimage tour, then early morning is the best time to visit the shrine in cool and soothing atmosphere.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
July brings along sunny days and warm climate. It is also a good time to visit Katra and enjoy the beauty of this amazing place. At this popular hilly region, gusty ambiance accompanied by warm sun rays makes the weather calm and relaxing. Evenings and nights are comparatively cooler. Exciting tourist visits to Katra can be planned in this month by vacationers.
August Rainy
The summer season comes to an end in August, marking the advent of monsoon season. Due to heavy rainfall witnessed in this region, the temperature can get very cold. Although the level of humidity is high, it is considered as a good time to discover the serene beauty of this place and view spectacular vistas from majestically elevated areas.
September Rainy
Rainy season continues in September and visitors can expect few hours of sunshine and bit of humidity in the air. If you are a nature lover, then it is an ideal time to visit Katra and spend some time amidst pristine and picturesque environs for an unforgettable experience. Blossoming flowers, gushing waterfalls and lush surroundings further add to the beauty of this amazing region.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Monsoon season ends in the month of October and the temperature begins to lower by a few degrees. This is certainly a good month for visiting the Vaishno Devi shrine. Along with paying homage to the goddess, you can enjoy the beauty of pristine surroundings. Weather is perfect for day outs but nights can be quite cold; so carrying warm woolens is advisable.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
November brings along cold climate, but the temperature is still within a comfortable range. Pleasing climate of this month is considered good for planning pilgrim visits; thus huge numbers of devotees can be seen coming here from all over the country to pay homage to the goddess. As the temperature can dip significantly after sunset, thus make sure to carry warm woolen clothes.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
December is among the coldest months in this region, yet visitors come here to enjoy the weather and beauty of surroundings. Carrying warm woolens is advisable to stay warm during extremely cool weather and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Book your hotel once you arrive, roam around the area and go for the pilgrimage tour when you feel like.

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