Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages

Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages

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Himachal tour packages the land of Himachal is the ultimate dream of any traveler. Boasting of mesmerizing natural beauty, snow capped mountains, gushing rivers and fragrant valleys, Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in the northern part of India. Surrounded by states like Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, Himachal holds its own spot as one of the most sought after tourist destinations. Himachal was stated as union territory in 1950 and it was in 1971 that Himachal actually became the 18th Indian state. Since then the profuse natural beauty and pleasant climate of Himachal has enchanted innumerable tourists, who come here from all corners of the world.  

The most favored vacation destination of Northern India, Himachal Pradesh is nothing less than a paradise, owing to its marvelous splendors and enchanting scenery. The name of Himachal has been derived from Sanskrit word Him, which means snow. Thus it means the abode of snow. Located in the sprawling lap of gigantic Himalayas, Himachal is one of those few destinations which are able to appeal so many varied tourists. The ever increasing number of visitors who throng this place every year is the clear evidence of the undying charm that this place boasts of.

The growing number of visitors can also be credited to the convenient travel options which are available today. There are three airports in Himachal, namely Jubbarhatti in Shimla, Gaggal in Dharamshala, and Bhuntar in Kullu. Tourists can take direct flights to Himachal from some of the major Indian cities, such as Delhi and Chandigarh. Another good option is to travel by train as you can enjoy some breathtaking views of natural scenery on the way. Major railway stations of Himachal are located in Shimla, Palampur and Jammu. Reaching Himachal by road has its own share of adventure and thrill.  Driving on those winding roads, around the mountains allows you to catch some mesmerizing views of the verdant hills and gushing streams. You can either travel in your own vehicle or can opt for public transport. Bus service is provided to the tourists, which connects Himachal to its neighboring states and several cities. Travelling in these wonderful and comfortable buses and coaches is an enthralling experience in itself.

There are many wonderful places in Himachal, which are worth visiting to experience the true essence and culture of this wonderful state. Places like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Kinnaur, Nahan and Kullu, definitely top the list due to their enchanting scenery and amazing hospitality. Among these places Manali is the most famous hill town of Himachal and every year innumerable tourists go on manali tour to enjoy the enchanting beauty of this hill town. Ideally the best way to make the most of your vacation is to opt for a holiday package. Owing to the ever increasing visitor traffic, hotels and resorts in Himachal have started offering holiday packages that are suitable for every type of tourist. You do not need to arrange for anything separately as everything, right from the transfers to hotel bookings and meals are included in these packages. Family packages, honeymoon packages and group packages are the most preferred choice of people. 

The best thing about the Shimla, Kufri, Kullu and manali tour packages that you can get to stay at some of the most reputable hotels and resorts, which are extremely famous among tourists. These hotels and resorts with their exceptional service and awesome ambiance make your stay even more memorable and delightful. You can be assured of a majestic treatment, whether you stay at one of the lavish holiday resorts, or a budget hotel. The most delightful thing about the hotels in Himachal is their courteous service. Staff of these hotels is known to provide the guests such an exceptional service which is hard to experience at any other place. On top of that you get to indulge in some of the most scrumptious dishes, which are prepared with so much love and passion by the skilled chefs of these hotels. The right blend of exotic flavors and local spices makes these dishes totally amazing. So many types of soups, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are presented to the guests that it becomes hard for them to choose. While staying in these world class hotels, you can expect your each day to be full of gastronomical surprises.

Himachal is the land of temples and monasteries and visiting this place is nothing less than a pilgrimage for some people.  This place holds such great historical and religious significance, which can be contributed to the most sacred temples which are located in this state. Tourists, not only from around the country, but from all over the world, come to Himachal to pay their homage at some of the most prominent temples. Apart from these places, there are enough natural splendors to keep you occupied. River Beas that glides so beautifully through the valley, presents an enchanting view to the locals and tourists. On one side you can see high rising mountain peaks that appear to touch the sky, while on the other side there are verdant valleys, filled with fruit laden trees and fragrant flowers. By opting for one of the Shimla, Kullu or manali packages you can get a chance to visit all these wonderful places.

Budget Luxury tour packages for Himachal Pradesh from Hyderabad,Bangalore,Chennai,Mumbai,Delhi-Weather of Himachal which stays pleasant throughout the year is another factor which has contributed in the popularity of this hill station. While the winters are famous for snow fall and adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, mountaineering, the summer season has its own charm as the cool breeze offers a perfect relief from the scorching summer of the plains. Spring season with its blossoming flowers makes this valley emerge as a big garden, filled with flowers of all colors and sizes. There could not be anything more enchanting for a nature lover, than to stroll in the narrow roads winding across the mountains or sitting on the top of a hill and enjoying the panoramic view of the mesmerizing valley and beautiful cottages.

Himachal is undoubtedly the most mesmerizing and enchanting vacation destination. When it comes to natural splendors and serene environment nothing can surpass the charm and beauty of Himachal Pradesh. With immense natural beauty, adventurous activities and shopping options, Himachal has undoubtedly emerged as a traveler’s paradise. The abundant scenic beauty and serenity of this place, enchants everyone who comes to Himachal. It is hard to stay untouched from the natural splendors and mesmerizing scenery of this wonderful state. That is why whoever comes here once, finds it so difficult to fight the urge to visit this place again and again.